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Books from the business section aren’t doing it for me and I don’t want
to take the time and spend the money on a two day seminar!”

From the Desk of Scott Frothingham

I understand your frustration, because I hear this all the time from the folks at the businesses I consult. From managers to salespeople to entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs), it’s a common gripe among people who want career success:

To succeed, you need coaching on specific skills
and the options available, until now, have
not offered an acceptable solution.

That’s the inspiration behind the FastForward Skills for Success Course. I know how frustrating it is for you to try and advance your career (and your income) without effective and efficient support.

If I had the time and you had the money, you’d hire me to coach you. The FastForward Skills for Success™ Course is the next best alternative.

With field-tested training that’s been proven in the “real world”, the FastForward Skills for Success Course gives you the inside track to learning and fine-tuning skills that are absolutely essential to your success.

"Making the wise decision of following Scott Frothingham's advice, I was able to close an $8,500 deal. In less than 6 months, I upgraded the customer well over 100% and half a year later I signed that same exact customer to, what we like to call, a Follow-Up Annual Contract. Whether someone is a business owner like me, or a worker with sales or marketing, I highly recommend that you pay attention to the words of Scott Frothingham and fast forward your success." 

Ramiro Hernandez
Cypress Lawnscapes, LLC

Each part of the course has been designed specifically address those skills identified as necessary by people “in the trenches”, working every day in competitive business environments. These are the skills that the most successful people in business have perfected and that your competition is working on improving to get themselves across the finish line before you.

With the FastForward Skills for Success  Course,
You Will
 Learn the Secrets to
Create and Sustain Success.

1.    Develop Expertise - Fine Tune Your Skills 

2.    Find Solutions, Motivation and Inspiration 

3.    Enjoy Financial Rewards 

4.    Get Recognition for Your Achievements 

5.    Build Security in Your Life and Career 

Before we step through each of the 9 parts of this course, let’s take a look your investment to own this course that will FastForward your career and your income. 

So, what's this gonna cost me?

First of all, you’ll pay a fraction of what companies pay me to consult for them and what individual coaching clients pay. 

And, if  you’ve priced those 1-day seminars -- in which you join a whole bunch of other companies for a group training session -- you know that they’re typically priced cost from  $79 to $249 per person. That's for training in one skill and it takes you out of the business for a day.

Since the FastForward Skills for Success  Course covers 9 essential skills, a reasonable price would be around $700 (9 x $79 = $711). But the “real world” working folks who this course is designed for told me they needed something affordable (both in time and dollars), so the FastForward Skills for Success Course isn’t going to cost you anywhere near $700. 

Not $500. Not $250. Not even $100. 

You’ll pay only $79 – about the price to attend a typical group seminar – for proven, field-tested training in NINE skills critical to your success. 

Good deal? Not good enough. 

If you order today, , the price to you is $49. 

So why would I “give it away” for less than $5.50 per skill? Well, as a “nice guy”, I’ll say that it’s a tough economy and that I’d like to “give back” to help people who are where I was a number of years ago (and wished somebody had helped me in the same way). 

... and, all of that is true ... but ... 

But more than just a “nice guy”, I’m a guy who likes to make money and I believe that if I give you a jaw-droppingly low price -- an unbelievable value – then you’ll consider buying some of my other products and services. And, you’ll recommend my products and services to your friends, family and business associates. Basically, I sell this for far less than it’s worth and it results in more business for me as a long-term, high-value provider. It works for both of us. 

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FastForward Skills Success - 9 Book Course

"A lot of training available just isn’t focused enough to put to immediate use.  Scott, your FastForward materials are just the opposite.  FastForward tools are actionable and can develop someone just starting out while at the same time driving improvement for an experienced businessperson. The FastForward materials are also great for refreshing, refining and refocusing someone at the expert level." 


Roy Captain
CARO, Inc.

OK. Let’s take a look at what the FastForward Skills for Success
    Course includes:


Productivity – Strategies for Getting Things Done

Fast Forward ProductivityYou can learn how to develop positive strategies to make every hour of your work day count.  Not only will you get more done, but your work days will be smoother, easier, and more satisfying. This section of the FastForward Skills for Success Course includes: 

The First Task You Should Approach Every Day – page 6
Dealing with Setbacks – page 10
Delegation – page 14
Getting Things Done with Co-workers/Employees – page 20
Productivity Strategies – page 26
and a lot more


Team Building – Effectively Build Teams and Make Them Work

Fast Forward Team BuildingIn business today, you’re a member of at least one team. And, as a success-oriented person you are either leading the team, want to lead the team or be a star player. FastForward Team Building will give you everything you need to be outstanding in any of those roles. Just some of what you’ll find in this critical skills training: 

Characteristics of an Effective Team – page 4
Team Design and Development – page 9
Team Motivation – page 18
Team Leadership – page24
Dealing with Team Failure – page 26
and a lot more 


Speed Reading 
– Accelerate Your Reading & Learning Abilities

Fast Forward Speed ReadingThis is a course in itself ... you would expect to pay more for this alone than what you are paying for all 9 of the modules. We’re in the “information age” and those who are able to wade through tons of information, comprehend, and make use of that knowledge for meaningful purposes IN A SHORTER PERIOD OF TIME are the ones who hold the key to power. Speed is the key. 



"FastForward Speed Reading is the real deal. All you have to do is focus and practice the techniques to cut the time you spend reading while maintaining – and in many cases, increasing – comprehension. If this only saves you an hour a week, it’s worth far more than the purchase price."

Eric Tillman
English Instructor
Brunswick School

Think about it, give yourself an extra hour a day (or more) and that’s over 365 hours (over 2 full weeks) of time you could put to other constructive steps to reaching your goals. If this only saves you an hour a week, and you value your time at only $1 per hour ... this more than pays for the entire 9 unit
FastForward Skills for Success


Stress Management
 – Powerful Techniques for Dealing with Stress 

Fast Forward Stress ManagementThe amount of pressure we put on ourselves to succeed combined with the amount of pressure created by a competitive work environment can wreak havoc on your performance. You can take control and actually use these pressures to your advantage. Just some of what you’ll experience in this part of the FastForward Skills for Success Course includes: 

Blocking Behaviors – page 7
Self-Evaluation Exercises – page 9
Stress Busters – page 35
Recharging at Work – page 42
and a lot more


Body Language
– Discover & Learn How to Read Body Language

Fast Forward Body LanguageStudies indicate that understanding gained from the spoken word is considerably less than the meaning that people gain from listening to a person's tone of voice and looking at their non-verbal communication: 7% - Spoken words; 38% - Tone of voice; 55% - Non Verbal. If you cannot pick up the subtle nuances of the body language someone is giving, the message you may be receiving verbally could be quite different then what they intended it to be. You can increase your odds in the game of life if you practice your communication skills including developing your ability to send and read messages with body language. This portion of the FastForward Skills for Success Course includes critical information such as  :

Deceptive Body Language – page 9
Power Body Language – page 18
Using Body Language in Selling – page 28
and a lot more


Motivation – 77 Powerful Motivation Techniques 

FastForward MotivationWith 77 techniques, this part of the FastForward Skills for Success Course will be your “go to” resource whether you just need to tweak your enthusiasm or light a full fire to get yourself out of a slump. From now on, you’ll have a powerful arsenal of tools at your disposal, which you can use to get motivated and stay motivated to perform at higher levels, improve productivity, reach goals and achieve success. Just some of the techniques included are:

Determining Your Best Work Hours – page 13
Discarding Your Fear of Rejection – page 18
Unifying Your Goals – page 31
Eliminating Distractions – page 43
and a lot more 


Public Speaking
 - Impress and Influence Your Audience

FastForward Publlic SpeakingCommunication is a vital to your success. Effective communication, which includes public speaking, gives an edge to keep up with the fast pace of the times, and eventually move ahead of the curve. This module of the  FastForward Skills for Success Course will help you with the link between success and effective speaking and includes over 50 pages jam-packed with practical, useable advice along with valuable tips on subjects such as:

Overcoming Your Fear – page 18
Analyzing Your Audience – page 28
Effective Message Delivery – page 43
and a lot more 


Memory Enhancement
 - Powerful Tools to Improve Your Memory

Fast Forward Memory EnhancementA good memory is a critical tool for business and personal success. Your memory of faces, names, facts, information, dates, events, circumstances and other things concerning your everyday life is the measure of your ability to prevail in today’s fast-paced, information-dependent society. Included in this part of the FastForward Skills for Success Course are:

     Basic Memory Tools – page 20 
     How to Remember Names – page 37 
                                                     How to Remember Events – page 53 
                                                     and a lot more


 – Get More Done & Feel Good About It

FastForward ProcrastinationProcrastination can be an enormous problem. In the modern world, when we all have so many things to do, it is increasingly important to know how to manage our time and our life. To that end, it is critical that we learn to manage the emotional reaction we have when we need to do something we don’t want to do, don’t like to do, or are convinced we just can’t do. Just some of the information that will help you deal with procrastination included in this segment is:

Dealing with Tasks That Create Apprehension – page 12
Time Boxing – page 14
Procrastination Tunnel Vision – page 29
Networking Displacement Behavior – page 43
and a lot more

And, ending on Procrastination Elimination is great timing to tell you to buy the FastForward Skills for Success Course right now. Do not procrastinate, click the orange “Buy Now” button below and take an important step to FastForward your success!

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I have always measured our success based upon customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with FastForward Skills for Success, I don’t expect -- or want -- to keep your money. In fact I’d be embarrassed to keep it. You, as a long-term customer (and advocate for our other products and services), are far more important to me than your money is. I've got money; I can replace any money I lose. But, I can't replace YOU!


Start the the FastForward Skills for Success Course today. If not, a year from now -- or 5 years from now -- you may be in the same place, doing the same thing and wishing for success, only you will have one more thing: regret. Start now and you will never have to regret that you didn’t start a year ago. You can do it, others have and you can too!

Scott Froth
To Your Success,Froth

PS. There's an important factor separating those who are successful and those who aren't, and it doesn't come down to brains or beauty. In truth, the hungrier you are to experience what it's like to be financially free from ever relying on anyone or anything again will be the powerful force behind your success. Do you want it badly enough? If your answer is, “YES”, then the FastForward Skills for Success Course is an intelligent and logical next step to FastForward Your Success and Income. 

 FastForward Skills for Success 9 Book Course - Special Price

PPS. You know that I could easily offer high-value at a price point of $79, $99 or more for FastForward Skills for Success Course. In fact, I could sell just one module – FastForward Speed Reading™ – alone for $49; so I can’t promise how long this offer will last. If you decide to “think about it”, the price might be higher when you come back.

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