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You’ve just gotten access to information that most people, including your competition, are probably unaware exists. It’s a little-known third book from marketing genius Claude C. Hopkins. This has recently resurfaced and you can be one of the few people to see it in years.


If your career involves advertising, marketing, copywriting or sales, then you can reach greater levels of achievement by learning from Claude Hopkins. In fact, most successful businesspeople in your field have already been exposed at some level to his books “Scientific Advertising” and “My Life in Advertising”.


To quote David Ogilvy, the founder of the esteemed Ogilvy & Mather agency:

"Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life."

Ogilvy was referring to the classic "Scientific Advertising" written by Claude Hopkins in 1923, a book that today’s copywriters and marketers still religiously read to learn the timeless, response-generating strategies he pioneered.

Hopkins is responsible for many marketing concepts we take for granted; spearheading strategies such as salesmanship in advertising, testing campaigns, using coupons for lead generation and more. In 1927, he published an autobiographical entitled, "My Life in Advertising" which also holds a special place in the personal libraries of sales, advertising and marketing professionals.

However, what almost no one knew (until now) is that Hopkins wrote a third book.

Because it was never published for sale, it has remained “off the radar” for almost a century.

Claude Hopkins Missing 3rd Book In this “rediscovered” book you’ll find tricks, secrets, strategies and techniques that Hopkins used to structure money-making advertising. It’s a rare chance to peek inside the mind of perhaps the world's greatest ad-man and to learn how he crafted campaigns that started entire new industries.

This book was originally used to promote the expertise and services of the firm that Hopkins helped build into one of the largest, most influential and profitable advertising agencies of its day, Lord & Thomas. And, in true Hopkins style, it was offered through a unique multi-step lead generation campaign to attract ideal prospects for Lord & Thomas.

Hopkins placed informational ads about Lord & Thomas in full-page newspaper ads. “Buried” in the ad, this book – that shared powerful secrets about creating profitable advertising campaigns – was offered for free. That way, the only people who learned of the offer had to read almost the entire ad first, thus making them a more qualified prospect. And then the prospect had to mail in a request for the offer.

Not only was this a good way to identify serious prospects, but the book itself was ahead of its time as a sophisticated marketing tool that subtly and discreetly included selling/positioning while delivering great content on making money with advertising. Interestingly, Hopkins did not talk about this multi-step lead generation technique (ad + free offer “buried” in ad + book that subtly sells) in his other two books. This probably fell into the category of Lord & Thomas trade secrets for promoting their own business.

This technique was unique for the time and, in the past few years, has resurfaced as a very popular lead generation tactic on the Internet. Was the campaign (and others like it) effective? To quote the legendary David Obilvy again; when speaking of Lord & Thomas owner Albert Lasker, he said "Albert Lasker made more money than anyone else in the history of the advertising business".

Also contributing to that great success was another missing manuscript that has been
“hidden” for years: The Hopkins Doctrine.

The Hopkins Doctrine
Claude C. Hopkins The Hopkins Doctrine

For advertising agency Lord & Thomas,
legendary adman/copywriter Claude C.
Hopkins summarized his philosophies
in a set of 41 creeds. These defined his
personal mission statement, set the bar
for others in the company and made a
commitment to the outside world of clients
and competitors. This is one way that Hopkins threw down the gauntlet and put the world on
notice that he was going to change the face of
his industry. And he did just that.

As part of this package it seems appropriate to include Hopkins' autobiography
My Life In Advertising detailing his 35-years in the business.

My Life in Advertising
Claude C. Hopkins

My Life in Advertising - Claude C. Hopkins From couponing to sampling to testing campaigns, Claude Hopkins was precise, deliberate and, without question, well ahead of his time. There was a reason he was earning close to $200,000 a year (a staggering amount for that period in history when the average worker earned less than $1,000 per year and a good accountant earned $2,000).

This is his second book, published 4 years after his legendary “Scientific Advertising” and 5 years before his death. Although autobiographical, Hopkins wrote this as a “business story” and not a “personal history”. As such it features “case studies” that illustrate his philosophies and techniques. Hopkins’ experiences offer useful lessons. Enjoy learning from the master.

To round out this marketing success library, here are two books from
the marketing genius John E. Kennedy who proceeded Hopkins at
Lord & Thomas Advertising and pioneered "Reason Why" advertising.

Intensive Advertising
John E. Kennedy

Intensive Advertising - John E. KennedyJohn E. Kennedy was a pioneer of modern advertising and marketing copywriting. In 1914, he was paid $25,000 (a hefty sum in the early 20th century) to write a report to a group of publishers on what could be done to improve advertising. This is that report: Intensive Advertising.

Times have changed over the last century, but basic human behavior has
stayed the same. This makes this 100 year old book surprisingly relevant.

According to Albert Lasker, the man who built Lord & Thomas into the world’s largest advertising agency, “The history of advertising could never be written without first place being given to John E. Kennedy, for every copywriter throughout the length and breadth of this land is today being guided by the principles he laid down.”

Reason Why Advertising
John E. Kennedy

Reason Why Advertising - John E. KennedyJohn E. Kennedy was a champion of “Reason Why” advertising which focuses on why the product being advertised is a better buy than competing products (or alternative uses of the consumer's limited budget).

Reason Why Advertising is actually a re-issue of a compilation of John E. Kennedy’s breakthrough principles on advertising copywriting originally published as The Book of Advertising Tests. But when it was re-issued, two of the original chapters were dropped. This edition includes the full text of the original (including those two “missing” chapters) plus some fascinating background information on Kennedy and Lord & Thomas.

And, just because I love this stuff -- and know you'll enjoy it
and learn from it as well -- along with these
additions to your success resource library,
if you buy today, I'll throw in one more!


By placing your order today, not only will you get the 5 classic marketing books (including Claude Hopkins 'Missing' 3rd Book), you you will also recieve a copy of

The J.W.T. Book
J. Walter Thompson

The JWT Book - J. Walter ThompsonThe main competition for Claude Hopkins and Lord & Thomas was J. Walter Thompson. Looking back through the lens of time, their rivalry was a true clash of the advertising titans.

In this rare piece from that era, The J.W.T. Book (published in 1903 by J. Walter Thompson Co. New York), you’ll see how the legendary J. Walter Thompson approached the cardinal principles of advertising, marketing and salesmanship.

Is the material outdated? Surprisingly not -- because it is focused more on human nature and less on technique. Just as we were a century ago (and centuries before that), we are driven by our basic emotions of curiosity, greed, excitement, anger, etc. Every lesson is still applicable today.

This added bonus comes FREE if you buy before

Even without the bonus, we’ve priced this collection to make it an easy decision. So, tap into the timeless knowledge and advice of the marketing masters. Not only will you find these books compelling reads, but, as a student of marketing you will find them indispensible additions to your pursuit of success.

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