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From the Desk of Scott Frothingham

A while ago, one of my business coaching clients said to me, “I’m surprised you didn’t mention Elmer Wheeler in the sales meeting this morning. It would have been a perfect fit.”

“Who the Heck is Elmer Wheeler?” I responded.  

“You, of all people, don't know about Elmer Wheeler?!” he asked with an incredulous look. Then he opened his bottom desk drawer and pulled out a tattered book and said, “Take care of this; it’s pure sales and marketing gold.” 

The book was Tested Sentences That Sell by Elmer Wheeler. 

That night I sat down to skim the book and ended up reading it cover to cover. Twice. 

My client was right. Pure sales and marketing gold. In fact, following advice from the book I closed a $3,600 deal the very next day!

But why hadn’t I ever heard of Elmer Wheeler before?

After some research, I learned that, although not widely known today, Elmer Wheeler was the original sales trainer and a legendary marketing wordsmith. Amoung other things, he was the originator of the phrase: "Don't Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle"!

In the book The Giants of Sales author John Sant credits him with being one of the 4 inventors of modern professional selling. His principles are as powerful today as they were when he first stated them over 75-years ago … and, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of him. That has to change!

Now that I've discovered Wheeler, I want to make sure that this "forgotten" master of sales and marketing is easily available to other success-minded businesspeople, so I have arranged for a new edition of Tested Sentences That Sell and am making it available at a bargain basement price.

You can now profit (like I have countless times) from your very own copy of Tested Sentences That Sell by Elmer Wheeler.  

Tested Sentences That Sell - Elmer Wheeler

Tested Sentences That Sell
Elmer Wheeler

This groundbreaking marketing classic is the result of testing over 105,000 words and phrases on more than 19 million people (an impossible task in today’s world). Discover the easiest way to double your selling power overnight using tested selling sentences; learn how to uncover the most-persuasive benefits hidden in everything you sell, understand the "X, Y, Z" principle of selling and see why the even best messages will fail to work if you don't use the Wheeler "A-B Principle."

   “There is NO modern sales book that
   matches Elmer
Wheeler's materials.
   I can personally say that his
   have changed, not only my sales
but my life.”
– Tom Carpenter

And, to go along with this incredible book, we've researched sales and marketing resources from the past 100 years and found 3 additional books by marketing masters to add to your personal success resouce library.

The Psychology of Advertising - Walter Dill ScottThe Psychology of Advertising

Walter Dill Scott 

“The Psychology of Advertising” offers a wealth of psychological reasoning and insight into what makes people buy and what makes them respond to advertising. Mail-order genius Max Sackheim (inventor of the Book-of-the-Month Club) wrote in his book “My First 50 Years in Advertising”:

“The only book on advertising I read as a youth was written by Professor Walter Dill Scott of Northeastern University and was titled ‘The Psychology of Advertising’. I still think it is one of the finest books ever written on the subject – and that his formula for successful advertising has never been surpassed.”

Scott’s information is as powerful today as it was 100-years ago … things change, technology transforms, business evolves, and life gets more complex, but human nature stays the same.

"The book is thorough, accurate and scientifically grounded and is the most sophisticated and advanced summary of the host of psychological processes that influence advertising effectiveness."

- Frank R. Kardes


72 Master Letters and What Made Them Sell - A.W. Shaw72 Master Letters

and What Made Them Sell
A.W. Shaw 

A.W. Shaw published numerous books for business people in the early 1900's. Many of them were “How To” books and are some of the earliest books written on marketing. For this book, the Bureau of Business Standards of the Shaw Publications sifted through 5,063 successful letters from 3,500 different sources to find the cream of the crop. Once they had narrowed it down to the absolute best 72, they dissected them to find out why they worked.  

"72 Master Letters and What Made Them Pay" offers a perspective into marketing that can still be applied today. Study of these letters and the analysis points and then use the information to improve your current marketing skills and drive results.


Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins
Scientific Advertising

Claude Hopkins

Considered by many to be the "Father of Modern Day Advertising" and the greatest ad-man who ever lived, Claude C. Hopkins was the most successful and highest paid copywriter of his time. "Scientific Advertising" is a book on his philosophy that advertising’s purpose is to sell, not entertain or win creative awards – and how to apply this philosophy to create winning ads and marketing campaigns. Many of today’s top marketers recognize "Scientific Advertising" as essential to their success and use his concepts daily to market a variety of products and services.

Commenting on “Scientific Advertising”, business legend David Ogilvy said, "Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life."

      “This book changed our perspective
    about our
business strategies. If you 
    are serious about
making profits in
    your business you need to read
    book.” -Joel Melendez

And just to sweeten the deal ... along with these
4 additions to your success resource library,
if you buy today, I'll throw in one more!



By placing your order today, not only will you get the 4 classic sales and marketing books, you you will also recieve a copy of 

82 Rules of Advertising
Louis Rommel, Jr. 82 Rules of Advertising - Louis Rommel 

Businesses in all sectors are struggling in today's tough economic climate. Marketing budgets are weakened, and it seems that many businesses have tossed aside the fundamentals in favor of gimmicks and promotions. There always the lure of the latest trend and there is often a desire to make the business appear fresh and cool. Maybe it’s time to regroup, rethink and return to the fundamentals.  

This “checklist”, written over a century ago, is a good demonstration that going back to the basics can be a worthwhile exercise. Yes, it’s a bit outdated, but many, in fact most, of these “82 Rules of Advertising” still apply today.

This added bonus comes FREE 
if you buy before

Even without the bonus, we’ve priced this collection to make it an easy decision. So, tap into the timeless knowledge and advice of the marketing masters. Not only will you find these books compelling reads, but, as a student of sales and marketing you will find them indispensible additions to your pursuit of success.

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I’ve been asked why I offer these classics for such a low price ($1.80 each).

Here's why: I know the lifetime value of a customer (and so should you). I want to create fans and friends, not just customers. Not only is this approach more satisfying to someone like me, but also I believe that, in the long run, it is also more profitable.

Join the ranks of today's most successful business leaders by taking advantage of this opportunity to build your marketing success resource library ... at your fingertips you'll have the information that can change your business and your life!

Scott Froth

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