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How to Be Positive When Things Suck - Kathrien Ahn

How to Be Positive When Things Suck - Kathrien Ahn

Ahn belives that In tough times, you have to dig deep because all the extraneous layers are stripped away and you’re faced with a decision. Go for it or not? It’s up to you."

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How to Be Positive ... When Things Suck

Kathrien Ahn attended New York University to study Journalism and Economics before moving to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. She has appeared on Law and Order: SVU and The Office, and has written several screenplays. She is also known from her blog Girl at a Startup, her role as editor of the online magazine Twirlit and as a community manager of docstoc.com.  

Bio Source: changethis.com 3-6-12

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