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25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself - Rajesh Setty

25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself - Rajesh Setty

According to Setty, "being part of the commodity crowd erodes your value." He offers 25 ways to rise above the crowd.

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25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself

Rajesh Setty, entrepreneur, investor, author, student and teacher, is currently the president of Foresight Plus, LLC. He also serves on the boards of multiple privately held companies in the United States and in India. He is a member of the Band of Angels, an angel network in Silicon Valley and Vistage, a worldwide networking organization for CEOs.

He is the author of "Beyond Code: Learn to distinguish yourself in 9 simple steps", Upbeat: Cultivating the Right Attitude to Thrive in Tough Times" and "#THINKTweet Book01: Bite-Sized Lessons for a Fast Paced World!".

Bio Source: amazon.com, changethis.com 3-6-12

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