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10 Minute Career Booster  10-Minute Career Booster™ – A basic law of business is that To Succeed You Must Have Credibility With the Right People. The 10-Minute Career Booster is a credibility booster that gives you, in 10-minutes a week, what successful people typically spend hours doing.

If you are an entrepreneur: the 10-Minute Career Booster will build credibility with your employees, your customers, your vendors and your investors.

If you are a manager: the 10-Minute Career Booster will build credibility
with your staff, your management and other companies that might want
to hire you in the future.

If you are in sales/marketing: the 10-Minute Career Booster will build credibility with your management, your customers, your support staff and other companies that might want to hire you in the future.

The business “gurus” will tell you that the way to move your career to the next level is to position yourself as a credible expert -- with the 10-Minute Career Booster, everything is done for you so it only takes you 10-minutes a week! "It doesn't get any easier than this!"

"10-Minute Career Booster is clear and easily understandable; and, as promised, I was up and running in about 10-minutes."

Stuart Itkin
Visual Mining, Inc.

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15 Minute Sales Workout15-Minute Sales Workout™ With this remarkable program, you'll get 52 weeks of highly effective sales training "workouts" proven to:

Improve Confidence and Competence
Increase Client Acquisition and Customer Retention
Produce More Consistent Sales Results


“Out of all the sales motivational tapes and sessions I have experienced, the 15 Minute Sales Workout is without question the best investment I have ever made.”

Randy Cogar
Cogar Printing, Inc.


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FastForward Skills for Success™

FastForward Skills for Success 9 Book Course

This 9 book course is designed to FastForward your success with field-tested training proven to build skills essential to your success ... from making teams work to managing stress to supercharging motivation to increasing productivity.

This is your opportunity to learn and fine-tune the skills that the most successful people in business have perfected.More than just a course, this is a success resource that you can refer to whenever you need access to relevant information.

Special Limited Time Price
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"Creative ideas are a dime a dozen. What’s rare is the creative notion that gets the desired results: generated leads, converted prospects or boosted sales. Scott Frothingham’s tools and systems give you direction that’s not only innovative, but effective as well."

Kevin Pierce
Pierce & Associates


FastForward Pinterest Power

In December of 2011 Pinterest became one of the top 10 largest social networks with 11 million visits per week ... Pinterest simply must be part of your success plan.Pinterest Power

Pinterest is new and uncharted (until now), to get up to speed fast and use this fast growing social media effectively, you need “Pinterest Power: a blueprint for putting the power Pinterest to work for branding, marketing, sales and tapping into the top niches on this fast growing social media site

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2 Minute Tweak
2-Minute Tweak™
– An incredibly quick, easy and effective way to positively position yourself and your company with customers/prospects and/or to keep your team focused and motivated.

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FastForward Twitter Advantage™

In May 2011, Twitter indicated that they have about 200-million accounts...
Twitter simply must be part of your success plan.

Twitter Advantage - Starter Guide and Traffic GuideThese 2 "go to" guides will give a non-Twitter user step-by-step instructions for opening an account and getting up-to-speed and will give the current Twitter user insider information, tips, strategies and tools to take them to the next level to exploit this powerful tool.

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"There's no need for the money-back guarantee, the FastFoward tools will start making a difference the day they arrive and you'll never look back."

Pete Whyte
Sheds USA - E-Mail Marketing TrainingE-Mail Power Pack™
The amount of business communication that relies on e-mail is staggering. So in today's highly competitive business environment, if you plan on being successful, you'd better learn to communicate effectively through e-mail.

These three dynamic resources will give you a distinct competitive edge: ensuring that your e-mail gets delivered, opened, read and responded to.

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Biz 1-Liners - Biz 1-Liners™  Series 1 – Spice up your meetings and memos with these fantastic business-oriented one-liners. Get attention and position yourself as a great communicator. This selection of "wit & wisdom" 1-Liners is appropriate for any number of business applications … just choose the one that fits the occasion and use it to make a point in an e-mail, memo, presentation or meeting. You'll be the person others are referring to when they think, "Wish I'd said that!".

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"The FastForward materials are simple and useful; you'll be up-to-speed and using these tools in minutes."

Mark Terrenzi
Gali Services Industries


The Success Classics Collection™
Special Offer: 5 eBooks for $7!

This 5 book collection is a MUST HAVE and MUST READ for any serious businessperson. Written by the original superstars of the self-help genre, these books have changed careers for people in the past … and they will continue to do so. No matter what type of business you’re in, t hese business classics are required reading offering incredibly powerful information which can help you on your quest for success in life. And; because the wisdom in them is timeless, practical and easy to understand; once exposed to them, you will read them again and again.

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The Masters of Marketing Collection™
Special Offer: 5 eBooks for $9!

The leading marketers understand what makes people buy. They also understand that human nature hasn't really changed over time. Human beings will continue to be sold by the same emotions that have been used since the Anthony met Cleopatra … these principles just do not change.  

We’ve researched work from the past 100 years and found 5 powerful resources ... and ...we’ve priced them to make it an easy decision to add them to your personal success library.

For less than the price of a pepperoni pizza, you can tap into the timeless knowledge and advice of the marketing masters. Not only will you find these books compelling reads, but, as a student of sales and marketing, you will find them indispensible additions to your pursuit of success.

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"Wow! This level of support at these prices? The decision to buy the FastForward products is a “no-brainer”! The tools and information found in this collection are applicable for any profession. In the ten years I spent with FedEx, I'd be hard pressed to recall seeing a program of better value!"

T. S. Boaz
Manager Tech Support

The Strategy Classics™
Special Offer: 2 eBooks for $7!

 Are you in a competitive environment? Do you want to gain an advantage in business? Don’t hesitate to click the “Buy Now” button below; you will benefit from reading (and re-reading) these two classics.

Although military treatises (one Chinese, one Japanese), both of these books can be – and have been -- successfully applied to business and managerial strategies. Both of these classics are must reads for any entrepreneur, manager or sales professional in a competitive environment … and those who read them will undoubtedly refer back to these guides often when they are strategizing and developing defensive and offensive tactics.

The Art of War - Sun Tzu             The Book of 5 Rings - Miyamoto Musashi
At the incredible price of $7 for both, the value far outweighs the low, low price.

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NOTE: I think these books are so important for businesspeople that I considered giving them away for free; but instead I’m charging a nominal $7 fee … for 3 reasons:

  1. $7 puts these powerful books within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest, just starting out entrepreneur or salesperson. 
  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about their business success to invest $7 into these books isn't going to take the time to use them in their pursuit of success anyway. 
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to invest the price of a fast food lunch to buy these books will recognize the value and recommend to other success-minded people. 

"Scott Frothingham is an expert whose materials can definitely improve sales — individually and as a team. As well as being effective for traditional or legacy sales/marketers, these tools can work well for lawyers and other professionals who need to generate new business."

Andre Hollis
Tiger International Advisors

  10-Minute Career Booster15-Minute Sales WorkoutFastForward Skills for SuccessPinterest Power2-Minute TweakFastForward Twitter AdvantageE-Mail Power PackBiz 1-Liners
The Success Classics CollectionThe Masters of Marketing CollectionThe Strategy Classics