Are Your E-Mails Really Getting the Job Done?

"Learn the Secrets to Getting Your E-Mail
Opened, Read and Responded To

From the Desk of Scott Frothingham

The target of your e-mail is being bombarded by messages.


Not only have they limited their time with e-mail (just one more browser tab open along with Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but when your message arrives, it is surrounded by competition vying for your target’s attention.


Whether you are a salesperson with a relatively small territory or an Internet Marketer with a list of 10’s of thousands of opt-in subscribers, there is always a lingering fear that your important e-mail message will end up in the recycle bin without being opened.

   • In 2010, around 294 billion e-mails were sent every day - that's more than 2.8 million emails sent every second and some 90 trillion emails are sent per year


   • In 2010, there were about 730 million business e-mail inboxes, that’s 25% of all email accounts


Source: Radicati Group May 2009, April 2010

"To Be Effective with E-mail, You Must
Face the Cold, Harsh Truth
Embrace 2 Critical Facts"

Cold Harsh Truth #1:   If your e-mails are NOT getting OPENED,
                                           then a whole-lot-a-nuthin' is going happen.

Cold Harsh Truth #2 If your e-mails are NOT getting READ once
                                           they have been opened, then you'll grow old
                                           waiting for an opportunity that ain't gonna knock.

Let's deal with these two ugly realities one at time:

DEFEAT Cold Harsh Truth #1:

E-Mail RE Brainstorm Manual -
The most important part of your e-mail is the subject line. That's  where a decision is made to open or delete.


With E-Mail Subject Line Brainstorm, you'll have a resource that will insure your subject lines will get your e-mail opened.

DEFEAT Cold Harsh Truth #2:High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting & Hot Button E-Mail Copywriting

Once your e-mail has been  opened, if it isn't read, you're S.O.L.


High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting and Hot Button Copywriting are the tools that will make sure the people who recieve your e-mails open them and act upon them.

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Message to Spammers: You are not welcome here. Do not buy this product. I do not want you using this information and these techniques. This information is for businesspeople to improve the results of their legitimate e-mail communication, not for the mass marketing of unwelcome solicitations.

FastForwardIncome. com E-Mail Power PackStudies show that most people decide whether to open and read an e-mail message based entirely on a quick glance at the sender’s address and the e-mail subject line.

How many of your emails end up in the trash?

It doesn’t matter how great your email is or how hard you worked on it, if it doesn’t get E-Mail RE Brainstorm Manual - FastForwardIncome.comopened and read, it has no value. That being said, the most important aspect of effective e-mail copywriting is a good subject line.

To make life easy for you (and to increase your e-mail open rate), E-Mail Subject Line  Brainstorm includes a list of 901 field-tested subject lines. All you have to do is pick the one that best fits your needs, copy and paste.

But that's not all, E-Mail Subject Line Brainstorm will also train you on how to write your own subject lines that get your e-mails opened with details on and examples of 21 different types of e-mail subject line tactics (like mismatches, teasers, lists and incompletes).

And to make sure your e-mails get delivered, E-Mail Subject Line Brainstorm contains essential information on spam filters including triggers and spam checking tools.


Here are 10 samples of the 901 field-tested subject lines:

Sorry, this is 6 hours late...

You're Approved...

Did You Miss This?

This expires tonight

Scott, here’s what you asked about

He is kidding! (isn’t he?)

2 nd Notice

This one’s on me

Please keep this to yourself

How can this be?


FastForwardIncome. com E-Mail Power PackOK, you've used E-Mail Subject Line Brainstorm to get your e-mail opened. Now, if you expect an action from the recipient, you need them to read your e-mail.High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting 

Unlock the secrets of writing e-mail that gets read and acted upon with High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting.

High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting focuses on best practices for getting your emails opened, read and acted upon and  includes e-mail copywriting best practices, useful power words (that will improve your copy), spam trigger words (to avoid), over 50 helpful tips and much more.


FastForwardIncome. com E-Mail Power PackHot Button E-Mail Copywriting is an essential guide for those times that you are writing an e-mail with a specific offer that needs a response. It’s an unacceptable waste of time and resources when you write an e-mail that only converts at 1%, when a properly written e-mail Hot Button E-Mail Copywriting could convert at 5% or more!

In this report, you will learn some techniques you can use to drastically increase the conversions of your emails. This will help you make the most out of your list, and will significantly increase the dollars generated by every single e-mail you send out.

Why settle for 1% conversions when you could easily get 5%, 10%, or even more from the same list? Think about it, if you get a 1% response from 1,500 contact list, that’s 15 ... get a 5% response from the same list and that’s 75! If that response translates to a $27 sale, that means an income shift from $405.00 to $2,025.00!

3 Books, How Much Does This Cost?

Don't think about the cost, think about the value. If you send out only one important e-mail a day -- and I'm guessing you send out quite alot more than one -- is it worth $1 per e-mail to to make sure your e-mails get delivered, opened, read and responded to?

If so, then $365 a year would be a good value for this product.

Well the cost isn't $365. It's $27. That's the cost. The value is much greater.

Think about it this way: In the course of the next year or two is there one important deal that depends on effective e-mail? Just the peace-of-mind that you're maximizing the effectiveness of that e-mail communication should be worth a bunch more than $27! 

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It's time to take your e-mail communications to the next level.

Scott Froth
To Your Success,Froth

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