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Your Income is Under Attack!

Reality Check #1:

As soon as your competitors can, they are going to take
your customers from you

There are a number of strategies and tactics to address these grim realities, one very effective one can be initiated immediately. 

In minutes, the 2-Minute Tweak™ will be working for you
to retain your customers .
 2-Minute Tweak

Unless you are very lucky and don't have competition, you need to keep in touch with your customers. 

Yep, it’s that simple. Keep In Touch with Your Customers. 

In a cluttered marketplace, you have to keep your name in front of your customers so they aren't tempted to "try out" your competitors (who are trying to lure them in with everything from amazing discounts to premiums to out-and-out bribery). 

 Simple Concept? YES  Easy to Execute Properly? NO

In keeping in touch with their customers, businesses typically make two major errors:

MISTAKE 1. Not doing it enough (or at all)

Why don't you do it enough? Don't feel bad; you're not alone. Most of us are just too busy to develop an effective system of keeping in touch.

The fact is, most companies don't communicate with their customers on a regular basis. They spend more time, energy and money trying to sell products and services to new customers, forgetting to stay in touch with their present customers. 

MISTAKE 2. Not doing it right

When you don't keep in contact correctly, you can be positioning yourself for disaster.

The wrong message can be sent, positioning you as:
  • not respecting the customer's time
  • not very intelligent
  • not the type of person the customer wants to do business with
  • not representing a company that's a good fit with the customer's business

 We'll  Make Sure You Avoid Those Mistakes

Avoiding Mistake #1: The 2-Minute Tweak is done for you. You're busy, but you will only have to spend a couple minutes a week to take care of this critical task

Avoiding Mistake #2: We've done all the work for you. All the writing; all the formating. You just have to copy and paste and by investing just a couple of minutes a week, you'll be positioned as as a credible resource, an expert in your field, and most important, someone who's watching out for your customer's best interests. 

Reality Check #2:

More clients are lost due to a feeling of neglect and lack of apprecation than for reasons of price, delivery or quality.

As a business coach, I have seen far too many of my clients lose contact with their customers because they assumed the customer would get in touch with them whenever the customer needed something. By not proactively maintaining their existing contacts and following up on leads, you run the risk of missing out on a lot of opportunities – and losing a lot of business.

The 2-Minute Tweak    2-Minute Tweak

Nurturing the relationships you already have is crucial to growing a successful business. The 2-Minute Tweak is an easy "done for you" way to keep in touch with those contacts on a regular basis - essential for keeping you and your business on their minds.

Reality Check #3:

It costs 5 to 10 times more to sell to new customers than it does to sell more to current customers.

Given the current economic conditions, often when you have a moment to think about customer communications, you are thinking of reaching new customers or potential clients ... wondering how to increase traffic or make the phone ring with new business.

Consider this: If you retain 70% of your current customers and begin a program to improve that to 80%, you will add an additional 10% to your growth rate.

The 2-Minute Tweak   2-Minute Tweak

The 2-Minute Tweak is a shockingly easy step towards taking care of the clients you arlead have ... increasing your chances of repeat business, add-on sales and referrals.

What Exactly is The 2-Minute Tweak?

The 2-Minute Tweak is an easy, repeatable and practical system for staying in touch on a regular basis. It is quite simple and requires very little effort on your part, which makes it more likely that you'll stick with it ... and ... that consistency is key for making it work for you.

The 2-Minute Tweak consists of 52 messages formatted and ready to be pasted into an e-mail or onto a printed page to be sent to current and prospective customers as a postive contact to keep your name and business on the top of their minds.

Beyond a “I just want to sell you something” message,
each 2-Minute Tweak positions you as as a credible resource,
increasing your chances of repeat business, add-on sales and referrals.

Each "Tweak" features a quotation from an interesting person (from Indian billionaire Anil Abani to American psychologist Abraham Maslow to American baseball player Lou Brock to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso to American author Clive Cussler). Along with the quote is a brief statement putting the quote into the context of today’s business environment and a brief bio of the person whose wise words are being quoted.

Here's an example (2-Minute Tweak #25):

Flying is learning how to
throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Douglas Adams

Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different angle. Usually it’s good for a smile, but periodically it opens the door to a whole new way of facing a situation or solving a problem.  

Douglas Noel Adams
 (1952–2001) was an English author, dramatist and musician. He is best known as the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

  Why not just send a good quote?

Why the additional comments? 

·       By putting the quote into context, you make the offering more valuable
to the recipient. You also engage the recipient in a “conversation” which
key to relationship building. Also, you present yourself as offering insight,
which makes you appear more interesting than merely quoting a famous person.

Why add the bio? 


When exposed to a quote worth repeating, people often want to know some background on the person being referenced; often it makes the quote more interesting.


Also, many people do not know anything about the person cited as the originator of the well-chosen words. Sure most folks know about Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein, but are all the people you deal with familiar with Ingvar Feodor Kamprad, H. S. M. “Max” Burns and Anil Ambani? So, you will give some background on the people your target market doesn’t know and, for that they will be appreciative. Interestingly enough, people also enjoy the brief bio info on the people with whom they are familiar because often they learn something about that person that they didn’t previously know (or are reminded of something they have forgotten).


Like the comments on the quote, putting in the bio makes the communication more valuable and positions you better.


Here's another example (2-Minute Tweak #47):

“I have learned the novice can often see things that

the expert overlooks. All that is necessary is not to be
afraid of making mistakes, or of appearing naive."

Abraham Maslow


This quote reminds us that we see everything through the filter
of our prior experiences. Often in business we become jaded
to the “way things are done around here” and miss opportunities. Take advantage of the thinking of new hires by seeing how they observe and react to the details of working in your organization.
At the same time, do not be afraid to question the status quo and consider new ways to approach old problems. An open mind and flexibility can be great tools for personal and business success.



Abraham  Harold Maslow  (1908-1970) was an American psychologist noted for his conceptualization of a “hierarchy of human needs”. He is widely considered the "father of humanistic psychology".

I can do this myself, why should I pay for you to do it for me?


I can change the oil in my car, but I pay somebody else to do it for me. It’s all about saving time, so you can focus on activities that will make a bigger impact on your success. Using this program can give you a different kind of positive contact with your customers in just minutes (as opposed to hours of research, writing and formatting).You get the same impact in two-minutes that, by doing it yourself, would easily take 20-minutes or more! And, for an investment of about 50-cents per "Tweak", it’s a smart and responsible way to maximize your productivity.

The 2-Minute Tweak    2-Minute Tweak

Your customers need to know that you want to stay in touch with them. But there is some "art" to staying in touch with people so that they will trust you and enjoy doing business with you.

The 2-Minute Tweak gives
 them that little something extra, that personal connection to you and your customer experience. It is a valuable customer retention tool that you can put to use immediately.

"Instantly Download the 2-Minute Tweak, Now!" An investment of $27 for a customer retention program that
will quickly and easily pay for itself 

   You Can Use This Versatile System for
More Than Just Customer Contact

The 2-Minute Tweak -

Prospecting -- You can use this product to set up a weekly communication with prospects. It’s a non-threatening way to keep you and your company top-of-mind. Don’t include any company literature or sales “pitch”, just send the 2-Minute Tweak as is … businesspeople appreciate the information and you will be well positioned when it is time to make a more directed contact. Afterall, every customer contact is a potential sale, a potential customer relationship and a potential success story.

The 2-Minute Tweak - Managers, Send the 2-Minute Tweak to the members of your team. Not only will this build respect for you as the manager (by presenting you as an organized and intelligent thinker), but also it will educate, motivate and build a healthy attitudes for team members.  Your team will appreciate the extra time and commitment you make to their motivation and education (little do they know the minimal effort it requires to activate this program). You will be positioned as a smart leader, knowledgeable communicator and supportive professional … and only good things come from that.

The 2-Minute Tweak - FastForwardIncome.comExtra motivation for a sales team: A sales manager sends one of these ‘Tweaks” each week to every member of the team (the majority choose e-mail). It takes about 2-minutes for the salesperson to read it and get a “boost” from the quotation and explanation. This message could give the salesperson the bump needed to turnaround a tough day or take a winning attitude into the next sales call … just one "Tweak" making the difference for one salesperson only one time, pays for the entire purchase price many times over.

The 2-Minute Tweak - FastForwardIncome.comA "Tweak" can be a quick and painless way to keep a fresh presence on social media sites ... for example, use one to update your Facebook page.

The 2-Minute Tweak - FastForwardIncome.comAfter a tough meeting or bad day, read a couple to help you refocus your energies in a positive direction.

The 2-Minute Tweak - FastForwardIncome.comUse it to update your blog (use a “Tweak” as is or expand upon it) ...  Put a “Tweak” in your kid’s school lunch box every week ...  Print one out and post it above the coffee pot in your office ... the applications are endless ...

No matter how you decide to put The 2-Minute Tweak to work for you, not only will you
find it
  incredibly effective, but also you will enjoy how wonderfully quick, easy and convenient it is.


 Just How Easy is This System?

All 52 units are designed and formatted to be pasted directly into an e-mail or printed page to be sent by managers to their team or by entrepreneurs (or sales pros) to their customer base. For the manager, it is an effective way to “tweak” the motivation and education of their team. For the salesperson/entrepreneur, it is an effective way to keep in front of clients/prospects in an interesting and positive way -- way beyond: “I just want to sell you something.” 

1. Open up the 2-Minute Tweak file on your computer -- mark and copy a “Tweak”.

2. Open your e-mail program -- paste the “Tweak” into an e-mail.

3. Mark and copy the first few words of the quotation -- paste those first few words into the subject line (RE:) of the e-mail followed by three periods (...). This creates curiosity in the recipients to encourage them to open the e-mail.

     • example: from “Tweak” #47, your subject line would read:
  The leaders who work most effectively ...

4. Enter the name of the person or group to whom you want this sent (TO:) and hit “send”

 That's it. Four Simple Steps!


"Invest in Customer Retention, Now!"    “Your Investment Is Secured With My 100%
 Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee!”


60 Day Money Back GuaranteeTry the 2-Minute Tweak Risk Free for 60 Days. If you aren't 100% happy, just let me know and I'll refund every penny you paid!

I have always measured our success based upon customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the 2-Minute Tweak, I don’t expect -- or want -- to keep your money. In fact I’d be embarrassed to keep it. You, as a long-term customer (and advocate for our other products and services), are far more important to me than your money is. I've got money; I can replace any money I lose. But, I can't replace YOU!


Nothing could be easier than getting started with the The 2-Minute Tweak right now. Just click the orange "Buy It Now" button below to purchase this incredible product, and after you enter your payment details you will receive it immediately!

Scott Froth
To Your Success,Froth


PS. You could easily spend 30 hours putting together 52 powerful messages or you could have it done for you for less than $30. Isn't that 30 hours spent on something else to make you successful worth more than $1 per hour? 
PPS. Act now and harness the magic of the 2-Minute Tweak. With an investment of just a couple of minutes a week, people will remember you, feel good about you and eventually they will give you business or refer others to you. The 2-Minute Tweak is an intelligent and logical next step to FastForward Your Success and Income. 
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