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10-Minute Career Booster™ is a Proven System That
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From the Desk of Scott Frothingham

An basic law of business is that To Succeed You Must Have Credibility With the Right People. The 10-Minute Career Booster is a credibility booster that gives you in 10-minutes a week what successful people typically spend hours doing.

If you are an entrepreneur: the 10-Minute Career Booster will build credibility
with your employees, your customers, your vendors and your investors.

If you are a manager: the 10-Minute Career Booster will build credibility
with your staff, your management and other companies that might want
to hire you in the future.

If you are in sales/marketing: the 10-Minute Career Booster will build credibility with your management, your customers, your support staff and other companies that might want to hire you in the future -- plus it will make the other members of your team crazy jealous as you raise the performance bar and position yourself as a standout performer.

The business “gurus” (including me) will tell you that the way to move your career to the next level is to position yourself as a credible expert by distributing a newsletter or starting and promoting a blog.

Sounds good, but who has the time? 

And if you did have the time -- which you don’t – who has the expertise?

With the 10-Minute Career Booster, you don’t need the time or the expertise.
All the hard work and heavy lifting has been done for you.

Sit back and relax as I guide you through
the step-by-step method to get you
where you want to go

The 10-Minute Career Booster is the fast and simple way of positioning yourself for success with a business blog including:

Instructions on How to Set Up Your FREE Blog (in 10-Minutes or less)

A Full Year's Worth of Content 

Everything is done for you so it only takes you 10-minutes a week to have a killer blog!

Let me say that again:

Everything is done for you so it only takes you 10-minutes a week to have a killer blog!

"It doesn't get any easier than this!" 

"10-Minute Career Booster is clear and easily understandable; and, as promised, I was up and running in about 10-minutes."

Stuart Itkin
  Visual Mining, Inc.

Along with your Quick Start Guide "Set up Your FREE Blog in Less Than 10-Minutes" you will get 52 articles already written for you to cover at the first year of your blog.

All the articles are written on subjects that are of primary interest to business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and sales professionals, so you can dramatically increase your credibility, position yourself as an expert in your field and command greater respect – all of which will help you in your quest for greater and greater success.

Here's an example:


A Goal Achieving Attitude

If you want to be truly successful in how you achieve your goals, then you need to harbor the right habits and attitudes that will keep you on track. There are a number of good traits you must commit to for life to realize your potential, including:


Being Industrious

Hard work always pays off. The achievements of the most famous and successful people can often be attributed to hard work. Being industrious means working harder than anyone else, studying more than anyone else and even, at times, suffering more than anyone else. You have to understand the importance of delayed gratification as you work towards your ultimate goal. To begin hard work, you can begin by fixing your schedule, writing down tasks and functions of the day and finding the right people and resources that can assist you.

Discipline and Consistency

Discipline can separate the successful from the unsuccessful. If you truly want to make changes in your life, you do what is required even if you do not want to at times (while maintaining excellent quality and optimum performance each time). Being consistent is intertwined with patience, wherein you continue performing well, regardless of the situations and hindrances, to yield the results you want in the end.


Discipline and consistency are also interrelated, in the sense that discipline breeds consistency. Continue practicing good habits and sticking to the functions that lead to your main goal and, over time, it will become easier to do. You will experience positive change and realize the opportunities that come with being dedicated.


Problems are a part of everyone's life, but it is the resilient person who always prevails and achieves their goals. You need to learn from your past mistakes and convert these into more productive future actions the next time. Learn to pick yourself up after each fall and put in double effort to become better. Some of the most successful people, as well as those who truly left a mark in history are known to have faced seemingly insurmountable difficulties before they succeeded.


You need to stay positive about your situation, regardless of the problems that you face. It is vital that you stay optimistic and always believe that you will get to your goal, no matter the obstacles that are placed in your path.


Some goals are far reaching and will take time to accomplish. Do not allow yourself to think that some goals are just too huge to be possible. Be specific and set goals that are attainable to your current situation and start working to achieve these. You can break it down into smaller tasks that are much easier to do within the given timeframe that you have.

And that's just one ... check out all 52 titles:

 Blog Post Title

 # Words

Fast Track Your Goal Achievement
Becoming a Strong Leader
Time Maximization Strategies

The Procrastination Virus
Impossible Doesn’t Exist
7 Creative Thinking Techniques
Personality Style Differences Between Managers & Leaders
Set and Achieve Your Goals the Right Way
Empowerment Through Proactivity
7 Steps to Self-improvement
The Basics of Stress Management
Improve Your Memory

Five Things You Thought You Knew About Leadership
Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
The Principles of Personal Mastery
Failure is Just a Word
There is Power in a Positive Attitude
Key Steps to Achieving Your Goals
Becoming a Successful Leader
Stress on the Job: Working with “Problem People”

Using Affirmations
Self Improvement and Success

Power Through People
The Impact of Your Positive Attitude on Your Business
The A-to-Z of Self Improvement
Positive Self-Talk for Goal Achievement
Stress and Work Overload
Improving Your Life Through Personal Mastery
Life Mapping: Envisioning Success
Stress Reduction
Dynamic Personality Traits
Time Management and Stress

Identifying the Innovative Personality
Positive Attitude Maintenance

Stress Management For Workaholics
Boosting Self-Esteem
Commitment to Achievement
Seize the Day
Self-Talk Check Up
Money and the Law of Attraction
Conquering Your Fears
Developing a Positive Attitude
Expect the Best
Learn to Love Yourself
Momentum Through Motivation
A Positive Attitude During Hard Times
The Mental Benefits of Organizing
Balance Your Life
The Success Mindset
101 Affirmations
Position Yourself for Prosperity
Don’t Wait, Be Happy Now
Confident Decision-Making
A Goal Achieving Attitude

477 words
603 words
573 words

505 words
679 words
717 words
600 words
511 words
493 words
491 words
482 words
493 words

808 words
503 words
540 words
483 words
802 words
540 words
748 words
711 words

489 words
520 words

456 words
468 words
559 words
509 words
428 words
453 words
737 words
477 words
517 words
554 words

459 words
396 words
464 words
477 words
558 words
417 words
446 words
448 words
545 words
529 words
508 words
460 words
514 words
550 words
469 words
642 words
619 words
636 words
1,314 words
481 words
453 words
535 words
454 words

Did you notice that there are  actually 55 articles?
At we like to over-deliver on expectations.

And that's just part of this incredible program,
 your 10-Minute Career Booster manual you will also find:10-Minute Career Booster

Quick Start - Set up Your FREE Blog in less than 10-   Minutes - on page 7
Blog Start Up Tips - on page 10
How to Get Another Year of Blog Posts (for no additional $$) - on page 14
How to Promote Your Business Blog - on page 17
nd more ... alot more!

With 10-Minute Career Booster,

» You will dramatically increase your credibility.

» You will position yourself as an expert in your field.

» You will command greater respect.

All of which will fuel the engines driving
you to greater and greater success

Ask Yourself These Questions

The 10-Minute Career BoosterThere are two people up for a job. Both have relatively similar resumes. Both have interviewed well. The person hiring does a little follow up and sees that one of the candidates has a  blog featuring posts like " A Goal Achieving Attitude" and "Time Maximization Strategies". The other candidate does not have a blog. Which candidate gets the job?


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutThe boss has decided to give a big account to one of the sales team's strongest performers. In the evaluation process, they notice that only one of these key players has taken the time to outreach to their customer base with a blog featuring posts like "Key Steps to Achieving Your Goals" and "Motivation is Caring What Happens". Do you think that the person with the blog has an edge for getting rewarded with the big account?


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutA number of entrepreneurs seeking funding have approached an investor. After reading the business plans (which all have similar success/profit potential), the investor starts considering the people behind the business plans and sees that one of them has a blog with entries such as "Empowerment Through Proactivity" and "Commitment to Achievement". Do you think the person with the blog is well positioned to proceed to the next step in the funding process?


The 15-Minute Sales WorkoutConsider the scenarios above. Do you think an investment of 10-minutes a week is reasonable commitment to build credibility and gain a serious competitive edge?


The Goal

The goal
of the 10-Minute Career Booster™ is NOT to make you the next great writer or the best blogger on the Internet or to build a huge base of people reading your blog.


The goal IS to position you as a credible asset to a limited universe: your clients, your prospects, your employers, your investors, your employees, your manager, your co-workers, your vendors and/or your competition.


And the goal is to accomplish that positioning with a limited commitment of resources (time, money, etc.).


Your Motivation


Your motivation might be to shine in the eyes of your management or to stand-out in a job interview situation or to have a client comfortable with your level of commitment or to impress investors or as a tactic to support any number of specific self-promotional strategies. Whatever the motivation, the 10-Minute Career Booster™ could prove to be one of the tactics that brings you the greatest impact for a minor investment.


"If you want to move your career, income, and/or business up to the next level; Scott Frothingham’s
Fast Forward' offerings are proven, focused and easily implemented in today’s competitive business environment."

Mark Wolff
Global Research Resources

Regarding the Use of Pre-written Content.  


I was speaking with a customer about the 10-Minute Career Booster™ and he said he would never use articles he didn’t conceive of and write from scratch. Naturally, I was curious, so I asked him, “Why?”

"What will my friends, family, co-workers and customers say when they find out I don't write my own articles?" 


His response made me think; first I thought, “How would they know?” And then I wondered, “Why does our thinking and behavior change when we do things on the Internet? Why do we want to do everything ourselves?” 


Do you think offline businesses produce everything they sell? And do they create everything they use to produce that, and so on? Where do you draw the line at stopping to create your own stuff and just using what others created? 


What about store owners, for example? Do they manufacture everything they sell? No, they DON'T. They don't manufacture, produce, create ANYTHING!  


And what about the manufacturers of the stuff that those store owners sell? Do THEY create everything themselves? Of course not; they just use raw materials or parts that they either get from natural resources or from vendors. 


Even the news media uses syndicated articles and stories from wire services that are sent to thousands of subscribing news outlets.


The pre-written articles in the 10-Minute Career Booster package are just like raw materials for you. Use them to create value for your customers.


Think like an entrepreneur, not an article writer.


Mix, match, combine, split, use as an idea resource, whatever … just use the
10-Minute Career Booster package pre-written articles. It's good for your business, and good for you. 


That being said, if your blog readers should happen to discover that you are using articles that you have purchased instead of writing from scratch:  


» all will still be appreciative of the good information you provided 


» most will be happy for you when you become even more successful in
   your business 


» more than a few will envy how you leveraged an opportunity into a successful
   method of promoting and marketing yourself and your product/service.  



During the month of  , we're adding an
additional 12 "written for you" Blog Posts.
That's a bump of over 20% for no additional investment

These BONUS articles are strong on Attitude, Personality and Opinion and will give your blog added depth and dimension:

  At Decision Time Do You “Think About It”?

  1,057 words  

Top 5 Ways to Demotivate Yourself

895 words 

Control Your Words – Control Your Destiny

1,063 words 

Are There Limits to Your Success?

510 words 

Corn at the Edge of the Field

816 words 

Fast Starters Begin Before They’re Ready

1,168 words 

Getting Others to Help You Succeed

876 words 

The Most Unpopular Secret of Personal Power

309 words 

How To Smuggle Success and Prosperity
   Into Your Mind

672 words 

Motivation is Caring What Happens

2,422 words 

Taking Permanent Control of Your Moods

2,253 words 

What It REALLY Takes to Succeed –
   8 Traits You Can Develop

1,761 words 

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With 10-Minute Career Booster,

» You will dramatically increase your credibility.

» You will position yourself as an expert in your field.

» You will command greater respect.

All of which will fuel the engines driving you to greater and greater success

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